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Gradient to Present at AAPG Meeting on Hydraulic Fracturing and Induced Seismicity - March 18, 2014

Gradient to Participate in Society of Toxicology (SOT) Annual Meeting with 15 Presentations, including a winner of the "Top 10 SOT Risk Assessment Abstracts" - March 18, 2014

Gradient will have nine presentations at the 2013 Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) Annual Meeting - November 22, 2013 

Gradient to Present at AGU Meeting on Hydraulic Fracturing and Induced Seismicity - November 19, 2013

Gradient to Present at SETAC North America Annual Meeting - November 7, 2013

California's Safer Consumer Product Regulations Take Effect With Considerable Uncertainty About How They Will Be Carried Out - November 7, 2013

Gradient Scientists to Present at 2013 International Petroleum Environmental Consortium (IPEC)  - October 14, 2013

Samuel Flewelling and Manu Sharma Publish Peer-reviewed Article on the Constraints on Upward Migration of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid and Brine – August 6, 2013

Samuel Flewelling and Matthew Tymchak Publish Article on The Constraints on Hydraulic Fracture Heights in Peer-Reviewed Journal Geophysical Research Letters – July 30, 2013

Leslie Beyer Serves as a Lead Scientific Reviewer of Botanical Safety Handbook - June 24, 2013

Gradient's Teresa Bowers, Ari Lewis, Kim Reid, Sagar Thakali, and Tim Verslycke presented a poster titled "The Chemistry Scoring Index (CSI): A Hazard-Based Scoring and Ranking Tool for Chemicals and Products Used in the Oil and Gas Industry" at the 17th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference in North Bethesda, MD - June 19, 2013

Gradient's "National Human Health Risk Evaluation for Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Additives" report posted to the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources web page. Watch webcast of full committee forum: Shale Development: Best Practices and Environmental Concerns

Christopher M. Long, Sonja N. Sax, and Ari S. Lewis Publish Risk Assessment Addressing Coal Combustion Product Beneficial Use Applications - May 28, 2013

Hydrologists Samuel Flewelling and Matthew Tymchak to Present on Hydraulic Fracture Limits at AAPG Convention and Exhibition - May 1, 2013

Dr. Mara Seeley Authors Article on Developing Safe Concentration of Copper in Contaminated Soils - March 27, 2013

Gradient Participates in 2013 SOT Annual Meeting - March 11, 2013 

David Mayfield Publishes on the Application of Toxicity Reference Values in Ecological Risk Assessments - February 11, 2013

Gradient to Participate in DRI Toxic Torts and Environmental Law Seminar February 28 - March 1 in New Orleans, Louisiana - January 22, 2013

Barbara Beck Serves on NRC Panel Authoring “Alternatives for Managing the Nation’s Complex Contaminated Groundwater Sites” Report - December 6, 2012

Gradient's "High End Science" Profiled in Environmental Business Journal Volume XXV, Number 8/9, 2012.  - October 12, 2012

Ari Lewis presented on Cumulative Risk Issues in EPA’s Risk Assessment Webinar Series.  - August 23, 2012

Gradient Provides Comments on Draft Green Chemistry Regulations - August 9, 2012

Drs. Lorenz Rhomberg and Julie Goodman Publish Critiques on Approaches to Assessment of Potential Endocrine Disruptors - July 11, 2012

Dr. Teresa Bowers quoted in the July 2, 2012 Bloomberg BNA Daily Environment Report article, “EPA's Children's Office Leading Discussions on Agency's Response to CDC's Lead Policy.” - July 3, 2012 

New Research Shows Metal Exposure from Laundered Shop Towels May Exceed Permissible Levels Set by the EPA for Metals in Drinking Water - March 14, 2012

Gradient Scientists Evaluate Styrene Carcinogenicity in BNA - March 12, 2012

Gradient Participates in Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting - March 11, 2012

Gradient Principal Testifies before the House Subcommittee on Energy and Power - February 7, 2012

Report on Carcinogens: Indium Compounds - January 30, 2012

Gradient Participates in DRI Toxic Torts and Environmental Law Seminar February 9-10 in Miami Beach, Florida - January 5, 2012

Eighteen Gradient Scientists Featured on SETAC Agenda November 13-17 in Boston - November 10, 2011

"Natural Processes Can Limit Spread of Arsenic in Water, Says Study" authored by Karrie Radloff - October 11, 2011